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Codfish with onions/Bacalao Encebollado

Codfish can be very tricky to prepare because when cooked wrong, it can be VERY salty and foul tasting.  This recipe is very simple to make and the ingredients really balance the flavor the codfish out nicely.

If you don’t like codfish (bacalao), you can substitute it with tuna, that works well with this dish too.

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

1 lb Packaged Salted Codfish
1 Plum Tomato
1 Large Onion
2 tbsp Vinegar
1/4 Cup of Oil (I prefer to use vegetable oil for this dish)

First, give the cod a nice rinse to wash out some of the excess salt from the packaging.

This will reduce the amount of salt int he water when you start to boil it.

After rinsing the codfish, take a pot and fill it halfway with fresh water, then add the fish and put it on high heat to boil the salt out of it.

Once the fish starts to boil, let it boil for 15 – 20 minutes,

Then drain the salted water from the fish,

After draining the salted water, add some fresh water to the fish.  Fill the pot about half way.

Then let the water come up to a boil again, let it boil for another 15 – 20 minutes.

After the fish boils for 15 – 20 minutes, take a little piece and give it a taste.  It should be a little salty (not overwhelming) and the fish should get flaky.

If you want it blander, rinse the water and boil it one more time with fresh water.  I usually boil it twice and leave a little of the salt in, this way I don’t have to add any salt later on when I cook it with the vegetables.

To cook the fish with the vegetables, drain the fish and add it to a bowl to flake it.

Slice the onions (you may finely chop if you prefer, but I think that slicing them makes the dish look better).

Finely chop the tomatoes,

Add some oil to a skillet and put it on high heat.

Let the oil heat up, then add the onions and the tomatoes to the skillet.

Let the onions and the tomatoes cook for a couple of minutes until they start to get soft, then add the flaked codfish to the skillet.

Stir and let cook for about 5 minutes, then lower the heat to low and add the vinegar.

Leave on low heat until serving time, at this point do a taste test and add salt if necessary.

Serve with some mangu or rice and beans! 🙂

Buen Provecho! 😉

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