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Category: Soups/Stews

Dominican style Tripe Stew/Mondongo Criollo

Mondongo is one of those dishes that you either love or hate.  Just knowing the kind of meat that is in the stew can put a damper on your appetite.  However, when prepared carefully and cleaned thoroughly it’s not so offensive and can be quite hearty and delicious. I myself am not a lover of […]

Dominican Style Chicken Soup/Sopa de Pollo Dominicana

There are a couple of ways that I go about making a hearty pot of chicken soup, but this is by far my favorite way!  The soup is very simple to make and it’s very delicious and filling.  It is also easy on the wallet since it calls for common ingredients that are usually very […]

Dominican Sancocho (Hearty Meat Stew)/Sancocho Dominicano

Sancocho is one of those dishes that takes time and patience to make, but the result is worth the labor.  There are also different ways of making a sancocho, you can always add or subtract any meat of your preference.   This is what we call in my household a “sancocho con todos los powers!” which […]

Dominican style Beef Soup/Sopa de Pecho estilo Dominicano

This is by far one of my favorite soups ever!!  I had to write this recipe to make a large pot because this soup is so good, I can never make a small amount because it wont last.  On those cool winter days or rainy spring nights, I make a nice big pot of this […]