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Category: Side Dishes

Baked Mashed Potatoes/Puré de Papas Horneado

This is a simple side dish that is very creamy, hearty and very delicious.  I love to serve this on the days we aren’t in the mood to have rice and beans, it goes really well especially with some roasted chicken. To make this recipe, you will need the following ingredients: 10 Yukon Gold Potatoes […]

Dominican style Mashed Yucca (cassava)/Pure de Yuca Dominicano

Mashed yucca is a quick, delicious and hearty dish that Dominicans constantly make for any meal time of the day.  Since it is inexpensive, you can make a pot of mashed yucca,  serve it topped with some cheese and you have yourself a filling meal. Yucca is thicker than potatoes and has an “earthier” taste, […]

Dominican style Stewed White Beans/Habichuelas Blancas Guisadas Criollas

If you’re a bean lover like myself, I can assure you that you will enjoy this dish as much as I do. 🙂  The white beans are so rich and have this delicious intense smoked flavor from the pork chop (chuleta ahumada), you really can’t go wrong with this dish. If you prefer to omit […]

Bacon Mofongo/Mofongo de Tocineta

If you like “mofongo” (which is usually mangu with fried pork mashed together) you will LOVE this dish!  It’s really easy to make and the ingredients are super easy to find.  When I made this the first time it became an instant hit with my family because it tastes very similar to mofongo.   To […]

Dominican style Pigeon Peas with Coconut/Guandules con Coco estilo Dominicano

I’ve made Guandules con Coco many times and this is by far my favorite recipe.  They come out very flavorful, tender with just the right amount of coconut taste (it’s not overpowering).  Pigeon peas have a taste that is similar to lentils and are very hearty and filling.   Serve this over some fluffy white rice […]

Codfish and Potato Salad/Ensalada de Bacalao con Papas

Not everyone is a fan of bacalao (codfish) because preparing it can be a “stinky” process.  When you boil the salt out of it, it makes your house smell like fish.   Well a good friend of mine taught me how to make a “homemade diffuser” with different spices that you can boil while making the […]

Fried Salami/Salami Frito

Fried salami is a quick and easy fix that we Dominicans tend to make constantly for breakfast (it’s an essential part to a “tripletazo” (that will be a separate post)), lunch or dinner.  It’s great a snack or just a side for the main course. To make this dish, you will need the following ingredients, […]

Dominican style Sauteed Onions/Cebollas Salteadas Criollas

This is most commonly served as a topping to different boiled or mashed vegetables like plantains, cassava (yuca), green bananas (guineitos), potatoes, etc. It’s very tasty, tangy and enhances the flavor to plain boiled vegetables. To make this dish, you will need the following ingredients: 1/4 cup of olive oil 1 large red onion 1/2 […]

Dominican Mashed Plantains/Mangu Dominicano

Here in the U.S., one of the most common side dishes at dinner time is mashed potatoes.  In our Country, it’s the “Mangu,” which is basically mashed plantains.  The only difference is that we eat Mangu for breakfast (it’s an essential item for a “Tripletazo” (but that will be a different post), lunch and dinner […]

Fried Plantains/Tostones

Plantains are the staple “vegetable” in Dominican Republic.  They are delicious boiled, steamed, in soups or especially fried!  Tostones compliment almost any dish and they very simple to make.  The hardest part is peeling the plantain, but hopefully my tips will simplify that step if you’ve never peeled a plantain before. It is usually paired […]