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Category: Rice Dishes

Dominican style Rice with Noodles/Arroz con Fideos Dominicanos

This rice dish is very hearty and delicious, it also brings back lots of childhood memories of my Grandma.  She used to make this rice dish often and serve it with different types of meat dishes, especially her famous mustard pork chops.  It’s also one of my favorite ways to make rice when I’m in […]

Dominican style Chicken with Rice/Locrio de Pollo Dominicano

“Locrio de Pollo” (also known as “Arroz con Pollo”) is another very common dish that we make constantly!  The chicken is cooked similar to how stewed chicken (pollo guisado)  is made, therefore, it develops so much delicious flavor that is infused into the rice. It’s one of those meals I love to make because you […]

Dominican style Rice with Red Beans/Moro de Habichuelas Rojas

A “moro” (which is rice dish cooked with some type of bean in it) is usually a quick fix to accompany any meal, especially if you don’t feel like making a pot of white rice and a separate pot of stewed red beans. I opt to use fresh vegetables when I make my moros, since […]

Rice with Kielbasa/Locrio de Kielbasa

When we moved to this country many years ago, my mom was grocery shopping and her friend had suggested that she try making a locrio de Kielbasa, which is very similar to a “locrio de salami”.  Locrio is typically a rice dish that is cooked with meat together in the same pot.  My mom gave […]

Dominican style White Rice/Arroz Blanco estilo Dominicano

Making the perfect pot of white rice can be tricky and frustrating if you’ve never made one before.  Sometimes the rice can come out hard and undercooked, or “empastado” which is pasty and clumpy.  Following these simple steps and using the exact measurements, you should be able to make a delicious pot of rice in […]